Acem Meditation

How do you meditate?

In Acem Meditation, you repeat a meditation sound mentally without effort, while thoughts and impressions are allowed to come and go freely. There is no attempt at emptying the mind.

Relaxation comes naturally. Knots and ties unravel, stress and worries gradually give way to a calmer frame of mind. Afterwards you feel refreshed, energized and often more creative.

Scientific studies of relaxation methods suggest that the most pronounced health benefits come from techniques allowing spontaneous thoughts to pass freely.

In the long run, the inner freedom of Acem Meditation may initiate fascinating processes of self-understanding and personal growth.

It is best to meditate in a quiet and undisturbed room.

Many meditate one half-hour every morning and evening, or once a day for 45 minutes. Others use the method when they feel the need. Ten minutes is better than nothing.

To learn Acem Meditation, you must enrol in a beginner's course.

If you are already an adept practitioner of a type of meditation that uses a sound or a mantra, you will probably find the transition to Acem Meditation easy. Experienced meditators of all kinds who have turned to Acem Meditation have found that it enhances the long-term effects of meditating regularly.

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Upcoming Beginner's Courses

Sunday 25 August 2024 1:00 pm
Sunday 17 November 2024 1:00 pm

A course in Acem Meditation

• Is inexpensive

• Does not require the adoption of any system of belief

• Is based on modern psychology and teaching methods

• Is interactive, with plenty of time for discussion

• Is not connected to a guru