Molly Fitzgerald, Associate Brands Manager, Minneapolis

I learned of Acem Meditation from an acquaintance in Minneapolis.

The course was informative, in-depth, and interesting. While a little nervous about it at first, I enjoyed the 1:1 sessions, which laid a solid foundation and encouraged commitment to the practice.

The Acem approach of the Free Mental Attitude made meditation more accessible and less frustrating.

I think the online method was preferred for me! Instead of a two-day crash course at a rented location, I was able to be comfortable in my own home, creating a habit in the setting where the meditation would ultimately take place. The power points were informative and to the point.

Benefits I've noticed from practicing Acem meditation include reduced anxiety, energy, clarity of mind, and reduced insomnia. I definitely would recommend learning Acem Meditation online to others. I already have!