Phillip Sader, insurance inspector, Chicago

The benefits of the Acem-method I am experiencing so far are relaxation that sustains throughout the day, better focus, and less negative reactivity to everyday issues.

I thought the online course was an effective mix of instruction, discussion, and meditation. Each aspect was covered in a comfortable understandable way. The material and slides presented were pertinent tools leading to discussion, feedback, and questions.

I learned about Acem Meditation after searching on Google for meditation styles that are not guided or mindfulness based, but non-directive. After extensive research and reading a couple of the Acem published books I decided to take the next available course.

Fortunately, there were not too many challenges for me learning online. I was able to avoid household distractions and my internet connection was working well. I thought the group size and interaction worked well online. I am lucky the pandemic moved the courses online as there are no in person centers where I live.

I would highly recommend Acem Meditation online to others.